Samsung tablet no longer has filters and effects but used to

Google Duo QuestionsCategory: AndroidSamsung tablet no longer has filters and effects but used to
Erin asked 3 years ago

We have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android 10 that is fully updated in software and apps and we used to be able to access filters and effects while making Google Duo calls but now we no longer can. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the app but nothing happened. The only thing it lists where effects and filters should be is the availability to screen share (that does work). Reading the internet I’ve seen each side blaming the other between Google and Samsung but I just want my son to be able to do on the tablet what he used to be able to do because this is his only method to talk to his friends right now and being kids, filters and effects are necessary apparently. Anyways can this be fixed because the person who answers reviews on the play app for Google duo was not helpful in the least but said to try here. Thanks for any help anyone can give to make 9 year olds happy would be appreciated!