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Steven asked 4 years ago

About two or three weeks ago I noticed that I was unable to use duo video calls, didn’t worry much about it till needed.. When I tried to just use voice call on the app my wife cell would ring, but when I answered it I could hear like it lost signal… Our family cellphone rings, it just doesn’t connect.. The funny thing is that our children have iPhones  and the don’t have this problem.. For they could voice call and video call each other, but can’t do neither with my Samsung Galaxy s10 or my wife’s Samsung Galaxy s9… I’ve deleted the app from our cell, waited a few days then reinstalled it back 5 times and still dealing with this problem.. Don’t understand what’s the problem.   

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admin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hey there,

Does it behave the same on data and/or wifi? Also, is the other party on wifi or data?