Is there a FAQ section for Google Duo?

Google Duo QuestionsCategory: AndroidIs there a FAQ section for Google Duo?
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Is there a FAQ for Google Duo?  A place where I can find most commonly asked questions and such?

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There sure is!  You can read below to find the most common FAQ’s!
Q: What operating systems does Duo support?
Duo will be available for Android phones Jelly Bean and higher, and iPhones with iOS 9 and higher.

Q: Will both parties need to have the app to join a call?

Q: What countries will Duo be available in?
Duo will be available through the app stores globally (in 78 languages).

Q: Do you need a Google account to use the app?

Q: Why is Duo not tied to your Google account?
We wanted to create a video calling app that everyone can use easily, without a ton of set-up, so we based Duo on your phone number and other contacts you have in your phone.

Q: Will Hangouts and Duo interop?
No. While both have video calling, we believe these products serve distinct users and their different needs.

Q: Are Duo calls encrypted?
All calls in Duo are end-to-end encrypted.

Q: Can you turn off Knock Knock for specific contacts?

Q: Why doesn’t Knock Knock work for incoming calls on iOS? Do you have plans to extend Knock Knock to iOS?
Knock Knock works on iOS if you’re in the Duo app when you receive the call. There is also a preview button if you swipe left on the incoming call notification that will open the Knock Knock experience while still giving you the choice to decline or answer. Due to limitations with iOS, the Knock Knock experience won’t show outside the app (such as on the lock screen).

Q: Does video calling in Duo work on 2G networks?
Duo will try to adjust video quality to keep calls going regardless of network speed, but if the network is too slow to maintain a video call, Duo will automatically pause the video to keep the call going with only audio.

Q: Can you register with a Google Voice number?

Q: Can you block a caller in Duo?
Yes, within the app settings.

Q: Does Duo support group calls?
No, Duo is focused on providing simple and high-quality 1:1 video calling.

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