I am having issues claiming and earning rewards with Google Duo

Google Duo QuestionsCategory: GeneralI am having issues claiming and earning rewards with Google Duo
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Call your friends and family with Google Duo. If they’re not using the app, you can invite them to download it so that you can make calls with one another.
Who can earn rewards?
Rewards are based on where you live and the services you have.
India: If you have an Indian phone number and bank account, you can earn cash rewards in Google Pay after you’ve made your first call.
Philippines: If you’re a prepaid customer on Globe or Smart, and not on a Bro plan, you can earn data rewards.
Earn a reward by inviting friends
If you invite friends to join Duo and they sign up, you’ll both earn a data or cash reward.
To earn the reward, you need to be eligible, and your friend needs to sign up with a phone number that’s never been used with Duo.
Invite someone by sharing your unique invitation link in Duo:

  1. Open Duo.
  2. Above your contacts list, tap Invite friends and then Share invitation link.
  3. You’ll only see prompts to invite your friends if you’re eligible for rewards.
  4. Optional: Near your invite link, you can find and read the reward details.

To invite someone on your contacts list:

  1. Choose a contact and then tap Send.
  2. To invite someone not on your contacts list:
  3. Tap Share link.
  4. Choose an app and then tap Send.

For more information, visit this official Google link – https://support.google.com/duo/answer/7577210?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en-GB