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Pranav asked 3 years ago

1. Downloaded Google Duo OR side load Whatsapp on TV. Duo will be available in the Playstore. 2. Attached external USB camera. I have purchased a new webcam, Lenovo 1080 HD Cam 3. Attach external USB Mic OR use inbuild of Camera OR use Mic on Remote. 4. All Mic will not work OR work for 15-20 seconds only as TV is not allowing Mic to keep on while connected with USB. 5. To use Mic continuously, you need to keep pressed the Google Voice button and it will work but Google Voice assistant will mess up things as it will open the search window from bottom. 6. I am pretty much sure, this should not happen if you are making Video/Voice call. 7. If you want more details, you shall connect with me on +919879335173, same whatsapp, if you want to improve your product as consider this as a Customer Feedback

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Are you still having this issue?